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Danielle Miller (425) 737-0647

"Short Stuff" Riding Program

Vanessa Miller has been riding since she could sit up! At 26 years old, Vanessa is an experienced rider. She has shown in both English and Western disciplines, especially jumping, and has earned many high-point and state qualifying awards. Vanessa was a member of the Snohomish County 4H program for 15 years.

 Please call 425-737-7731 if you are interested 

      Taught and owned by Vanessa Miller, Danielle's daughter, the Short Stuff Lesson Program is designed for children who want to learn to ride at a young age. Whether your child wants to pursue riding as they get older, or just try it out, these lessons will teach them safety, balance, how to groom their own lesson horse or pony, and much more.






"Short Stuff"

 Ages 2-5


In this lesson your child will learn how to properly get their own horse  or pony. They will then learn about different brushes and how to use them. After that, they will then learn to tack up, Western or English. During the riding portion of the lesson, your child will learn how to steer and stop their horse, as well as how to correctly balance on the horse. They may even get to go out on a mini trail ride! After the riding, students will learn how to untack and brush their horse and prepare them to be put back in a stall. 

One Child: hour - $50

Two Children: hour and 15 minutes - $70  

Ages 6-8

We offer a more advanced lessons for the young riders that are looking to further improve their skills or who are just beginning to ride.

One Child: hour - $50

Two Children: hour and 15 minutes - $70   




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