Mone Farms and Training Center
Danielle Miller (425) 737-0647

Mone Farms and Training Center

Danielle Miller (425) 737-0647


Please call (425) 737-0647 for more information or to schedule a time to come and see the barn.

24 hours' notice is needed to cancel a lesson, 48 hours preferred. 30 days notice is needed to stop taking lessons.





 Lesson Package

(4 lessons)

Price Per Lesson 

per person

 *Beginner Package Price

(1 lesson + 30 minutes)

*Price Per Beginner Lesson

per person



 45 min.







 1 hour







 1 hour



* $320

* $80

Practice Rides for non-beginner students only- $55 each

*Beginner riders: $20 is included in beginner lesson pricing for instruction 15 minutes before and after each lesson on tacking/grooming. Once a rider can groom and tack up completely on their own they no longer need to include the $20. 

Gift Lessons available for purchase (see below)

Note: For each new student, the first package of lessons they buy gives them a 5th lesson for FREE! Each package of lessons requires a commitment to a monthly program of regular lessons, which requires 30 days notice to terminate. Please see policy paperwork and release forms for cancellation terms. 

Once you are enrolled in the lesson program, you will have the option of purchasing practice rides on the horse you are currently riding. 

Click here for the release form 

Riding lesson times do not include tacking up/grooming the horse/pony, although instruction on this can be given with the purchase of a *beginner lesson. Students should arrive at least 1/2 hour before their scheduled lesson time and plan about 1/2 hour after their lesson. Riders ages 2-8 see "Short Stuff."

Please call (425)737-0647 for more information or to schedule a time to come and see the barn.    

[email protected]  

Gift Certificates 

     A great gift for the holidays or a birthday! Perfect stocking-stuffers and easily fits into an envelope with a card!

     Must be signed by Danielle Miller.

     Open Files to Print: (click) Holiday Gift Certificate, Yellow Gift Certificate, Blue Gift Certificate, Green Gift Certificate. To use, simply bring one to the barn, pay Danielle, and have her sign the certificate.

(smaller than actual size)


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