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Mone Farms and Training Center

Danielle Miller (425) 737-0647

Mone Farms Rescue & Rehabilitation is a 501c non-profit organization.                                  
***Now Accepting donations to the rescue. Donations will be used to help care for the horses (food, vet bills, ect.) ***

 See Photo Gallery for more pictures of all of the rescue horses. Check out the available rescues on the Rescue Horses page.

All of our rescue horses go through a 30 day quarantine process to ensure the health of them and other horses currently at the barn. In this time they will be given wormers and vaccinations. 

After quarantine, they will be evaluated by our team to determine the best fit for re-homing. They will continue to be in training with us until they find the perfect forever home.  

***The Rescue Horses featured on this page are ones we have or will be doing an evaluation on and are currently either Available for Adoption or Sold/Sale Pending. Visit our Photo Gallery to see more pictures of these horses as well as all the current rescue horses we have.

 Please contact Danielle if you have any questions about adopting one our fabulous rescue horses.  

What's New? 

George - Rehomed


Sex: gelding

Age: 20

Height: 15'2-3 hands tall,

Adoption Fee: $800

George is a super sweet boy with an endless curiosity. He's very well built and healthy for his age (if a bit fat after winter). He stands tied, quiet to groom (loves the attention), clips and has good ground manners. Can be ridden English and western, walk trot canter and most of the time picks up the right lead. George is a horse with more energy than most and will need an adventurous intermediate or experienced rider.
More photos and videos will be posted as we continue to work with this amazing horse!



Mone Farms and Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation was featured on Talk It Up TV! 

 Saving Memphis from Slaughter


Austyn - Rehomed!


 Austyn was rescued August 2015 from a potentially dangerous situation. He is a 22 year old Dressage trained Thoroughbred who has a sweet, loving personality. He is 17.2 hands tall, light chestnut (pics do not do this boy justice! more to come) and up to date on worming and shoes.


Austyn went to his new home on February 16, 2016!  Congratulations Heather and Austyn!! Looking forward to the updates!!!!

Rio - Now being used in the trail and lesson programs, adoption or sale negotiable

Overtime now known as Rio, saved from Sunnyside Kill Pen. Great trail horse, safe and sane, we just love her. Special thank you to Buffie and Tiffany for helping save Rio.

More info coming soon

Penny - Now being used in the trail and lesson programs, adoption or sale negotiable

Penny was saved from Sunnyside Kill Pen along with Rio and Memphis. She is a great trail horse, decent in the arena.

 More info coming soon


Here are just a few of our featured rescue horses that are now a part of our riding program (not for adoption).


WoodStock, now Woody, was rescued from Enumclaw kill pen in December. He is now one of our trail guide horses and is loving his new life. He recently got to be a part of advanced camp in Twisp. 

January 11, 2014            July 4, 2014 



Nifty was rescued from Enuclaw kill pen in October. She has been incorporated into our lesson program and has been wonderful! She recently went to Twisp for our advanced camp and was one of our best.


Congratulations to Olivia who now is the proud owner of Nifty! We wish them many happy trails! 

October 20, 2014 July 2, 2014      


Heifer, now Rosie, was rescued from Sunnyside kill pen in April. She has been a great addition to the barn and recently was taken on our advanced horse camp trip to Twisp where she packed her rider around and even got to swim across a river! 

   April 30, 2014                            July 2, 2014    



Bay Quarter Horse Mare

Breezie was rescued on April 14th, 2011. She came to the barn from being in a field, not getting enough food. She had a raggedy coat and was very thin. She recently has been giving lessons to riders of all levels. She is a beautiful hunter-jumper, fully trained western and english horse. Updates to come.

                     April 14, 2011                                                    April 30, 2011


Chestnut & White Snowflake POA Gelding

Barley was rescued on February 3rd 2013 off craigslist. He was extremely thin and wormy, with a ragged coat. Lice and parasites were found. He is now currently one of our school horses used in the short stuff lesson program and our summer day camps.

                         February 3, 2013                                                             July 22, 2013

Lucky - Rehomed

Chestnut & White Tovero Paint Gelding

We rescued "Lucky" on May 29th, 2012. We rescued Lucky from the Zillah feed lot, only a couple of hours before he was to be shipped to Canada for slaughter. After rehoming him the first time, unfortunately we were informed that he and his friend Nora had been seized by a sheriff in Bonney Lake in July of 2013. We immediately rescued him again and he has now  been rehomed  December 2013, as a Christmas present to our neighbor's teenage daughter. He is doing well. 

                         May 29th, 2012                                                       August 2012



Khandey - Rehomed

Bay Arabian Mare

Khandey was rescued from Toppenish Wa on February 5th 2012, along with her friends Nora and Tinker Belle (see below). All three mares were bred and in foal earlier that year. Unfortunately Khandey had lost her foal due to starvation, before we were able to rescue her. 

                           September 2012                                                   July 2013

Tinker Belle & Miracle:

Rose Grey Arabian-Welsh Cross Mare and her Foal

Tinker Belle was rescued from Toppenish Wa on February 5th 2012, along with her friends Nora and Khandey (see above and below). All three mares were bred and in foal earlier that year and Tinker Belle was the only one to not lose her foal AKA Miracle!! Tinker Belle was rehomed in the spring of 2013 to a friend. She is currently a Jumper pony. Miracle was adopted out a a client too.

                         June 2012                       Miracle August 2012               Miracle January 2014



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